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Your Testimonials

Hi, Shunthi tea sorted out my several years long persistent flatulence problems. Nothing else was really helping me, only this tea!


At the end of 2009 I drank Sarphaganda tea because my blood pressure was quite unstable. After two month my blood pressure got back to normal and it stays within good numbers.

Táňa Kulíšková, Trenčín

Hello, my lymph node on arms, legs and spine were swollen – unbearable pain, it lasted for two month. After drinking Katphala tea the pain reduced and my nodes got smaller. Fantastic effect. Thanks.


Hello. I would never believe that Gokshura tea can sort out my health problems with cervical spine. I am so happy I don`t have any more problems and keep drinking Gokshura. I strongly recommend it to all.

Tomáš Katrnák, Znojmo

Hello. I started drinking your teas a month ago and I feel a change. I am not as nervous as I was before and I sweat less too. I drink your teas as part of my water intake, two types of tea a day, 4-5 cups.

Kovácsová Ildikó, Bratislava

Hello, I have tried VIDANGA tea for losing weight and it really works. Thank you very much.

Regards, Jitka

Hello, I bought your Ranjaka tea and it is doing me good (for fatigue and irritation). Thanks

S. Juránková

Hello, I`ve been drinking Apana tea, which helped me immensely with my painful menstruation. I threw away my pills, pain disappeared. Thanks!

Martina, Košice