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Your Testimonials

I have a pollen allergy. I undertook a 7 year long treatment on imunology, but nothing happened. I started to drink Dalchini and after two days all symptoms were gone. I don't know if it can be a miracle, but I think so :)

Slávka, Košice

I am very excited about the teas. After Ashwagandha tea I sleep like a baby. When being attacked by a viruses, after Katphala drinking, fever reduced, sore throat disspeared and energy level increased with no use of pills!

Hello, I have been using Apana already for three months, always two days before the menstrual cycle and I do not have to use any pills for pain relief. Common herbal teas were not working. Thank you very much.

M. Matouskova

I recommend Pachaka tea. I have been suffering from a pain under my left rib - stomach or spleen problem. After a few days' use, the pain was gone. The effect is amazing. Now I am trying Bhringaraj for hair.

Whole month through I was honestly using Abhaya for cholesterol reduction. In the beginning: 9,4, after one month use three times a day and an evening pill: 5,2. thanks a lot.

Irena Štěpánová

I have tried Nimba tea for skin problems and I swear by it, I am going to try other teas as well!


I have tried Apana for menstrual problems for the first time. It was pain relieving and it restored my vitality. I drank it two times a day for three days before menstrual cycle and two days during the period. I recommend it!

I drink Ashwagandha tea twice a day. It is amazing, no pills for sleep, only herbs and I must say I do not like herbal teas, but this one is not bad, I like it and it tastes good. I recommend it.


I would like to thank you for Nagara tea. I got rid of my problems, the positive effects I observed already after five days. Not only I ridded of the inflammation but also of the feeling of cold hands and legs. My skin is also purer.

I suffered from unpleasant diarrheas and digestion problems for several weeks. Regular pharmacy medicine was completely ineffective. With Shunthi my problem was gone shortly! This tea, compared to other gastric teas, is very tasty.


I want to thank you for adding Chyawanprash to your offer. This elixir is fantastic. I got him once in India, but could not find him later here. Now I am very happy to buy it in Slovakia as well.


I want to share my experience with Slesaka tea for joints. I worked in Norway on mountains and was carrying food, sometimes 50kg. My joints were aching. I drank 2-3 cups a day, the pain was gone. I have been drinking it now for 7 years.


I have an experience with tea for strong menstrual pain and it helped me a lot. I do not have to use any pills, only 2 or 3 times a day I drink this tea, I feel much better. Thank you very much.


Apana tea gives relief from pain, after two cups there is no need to use pills. Also Medhika for nursing was really helpful when I had little milk.

I have been drinking Karavi for two weeks already, I feel better, it helps.

The teas are great. I use them for urinary disorders. No need for antibiotics. Thank you.


Hi, from childhood I suffered from allergy to everything that is sour - rash on palms. For 14 days I was drinking Gauri daily and after I ate an orange, nothing happened. My mumm cured her mildew on legs. It is great!


Hello, I tried tea for restoring life energy Prana. The effect is wonderful. My daughter when seeing my good mood started to drink it with juice. My husband also started to drink it and from a grouch he became a talking and smiling man :-))


Thanks to Medhika tea, my lactation increased by 50 %. Nothing helped me before as this tea.

I am satisfied with teas and elixirs as well.


Hello, I am 25 years old and as a regular blood donator, I was often told by the blood transfusion centre, that I do not have a good blood. Since the time I use your teas they have not complained to me anymore. Thank you very much.

Michal T.

Hi, I use Arjuna tea for heart activity for two months. I have an arrhythmia and the tea helped me. I do not feel irregular palpitation and I am feeling well.


Before I tried Everest Ayurveda teas, there had not been a tea that would have helped me. Your teas represent part and parcel of my home first-aid kit and I keep myself fascinated by the effects. I cannot be without Udana after work.

Jan Mazanec, zdravotní masáže Praha 6

I have tried many alternative herbal remedies, but only your teas are really working. I feel physically and mentally better :)

I have been using Chyawanprash for half a year and I cannot speak highly enough of it. I was not affected by cold, cough,.. I was healthy all the winter after many years.