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Your Testimonials

The tea worked.


I only can recommend, absolutely fantastic teas and they work as they should. I was searching for natural remedies for my health problems and I have finally found them :-)


I highly recommend tea for sleep Ashwagandha. I was almost desperate, each second day without sleep. Ashwagandha worked immediately and helped me very much. It was more effective than calming pills!

Michal O.

Good morning, I would like to confirm, that I am satisfied with your products very much as they have always helped me.

Regards, M. Adamkova

The Tulsi tea was very helpful during cold, after two days of drinking the tea, the sore throat dissapeared. Its taste is great and has an amazing warming effect. I recommend to have enough of it in the winter time!

Richard Tůma, Zbraslav

I was given your tea for urinary tract from a friend of mine a I am very satisfied with it. Thanks


Hello, my spine really bothers me, severe pain. A month of infusion and pills with no positive results. Now I am using GOKSHURA and I still have not taken single pill. THANK YOU for each day that does not hurt. Regards

Regards, Ena

Hello, I am very happy with your teas, Vidanga helped me lose weight, after drinking Kalamegha my gall bladder troubles are almost gone. Now I am considering Pachaka, I quit smoking! Thanks

K. N.

Hello, my grandmother has many health troubles. One of them is insufficient blood supply to her legs. She wakes at night in pain, but nothing helps her. After she tried your tea (VYANA) she feels much better. Thanks for her.

N. K.

I am a medical doctor in Prague, Czech Republic. I work at a university hospital. Thanks to Everest Ayurveda company I had the opportunity to see or to hear of almost miraculous effects that your herb mixtures may have in some cases.

MUDr.Marie Mášková

We talked about my surgery and you recommended me Nimba tea. I finished two packages. Though I had to undergo the surgery, the tea helped to cleanse my blood and the after surgery examination turned out very well.

Květa Nováková

Hello, I had a big problem with my sleep. I started drinking the ASHWAGANDA tea and now I sleep like a little baby, thanks.

T. K.

Hello, I have tried your weight reduction tea and it really helps, thank you. Regards

Regards, Jeřábková M.

I have been using teas for some time. They are effective for good sleep, calming down, concentration and harmonization,they cleanse blood and remove hemorrhoids. He who came up with this blends must have been a genius.

Regards, Jirka

I suffered from a stomach disorder accompanied by diarrhea and stomach cramps for a few days. However I ate one package of Amalaki fruit. It managed to stop my diarrhea and rid me of the stomach pain. Excellent, I recommend it!

Pataka Špaček

Hello, I have been buying your teas for a long time and I deal with a very nice and capable sales representative. She tries to provide me with lot of information, unlike other companies.

Hanslová Zdena, Nové Město na Moravě

Hello, I like drinking your teas as well and they help me with everything. Skin, fatigue, energy supply. Thank you


Hello, I have very good experiences with effects and quality of your teas, especially with ASHWAGANDA.

Roman Mrůzek

I bought Kodama – Samurai secret incense sticks in your teashop and I must say it was the most fantastic fragrance I have ever smelt in my life.


Hi there, I tried your himalayan liver tea (Kalamegha) in Switzerland at a workshop and love it.

Maryam Lankarany

Dear Sirs, my father applies therapy with Your diabetes tea, and results are very, very good (3,8). Thank You.

M. Miladinovic

Hello, I am using now your Brahmi tea-memory and Kalamegha tea-liver and I am very pleased with them. The herb combination in your teas is a pleasure also for the soul. Thank you.

Ing. Zdeněk Klouček, Žatec

Dear sir or madam, while travelling your beautiful country a few weeks ago I bought some of the above mentioned tea and it seems to have a very favourable affect on blood/glucose levels. Thank you.

Emile van Rijswijk, Picton, New Zealand

Hello, a month ago I brought VIDANGA- Slim tea from my vacation and I am very happy with it. After a few weeks I lost 3 kilograms.

A. Vaškovský, Hradec Králové

Hello, I have been using Varuna for kidney disorders. It improved my kidney condition as well as my atopic eczema.

D. Dostálová