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Your Testimonials

Hello, I regularly buy teas from your offer (Kudzu, Brahmi) and I am very satisfied with them. Regards

Regards J. Packa

I bought a tea for good sleep and it really works!!!! I recommend dearly.


Hello, I am using NIMBA tea for my skin problems. After several days of use, I removed skin itching and eruption was gone. In our family we use VARUNA tea for kidneys. It ridded us of infection bothering for a long period.

D. Mazačová

Hello we have excellent experiences with your Himalayan teas. Udana helps us with tiredness. We used Shatawari for 8-cm cyst, it was gone after ten days. The doctor could not believe the sonography picture!

Martina, Džoudy store

Your teas are excellent and work amazingly well!

Shamita Achenbach, member of Wienna symphony orchestra

Hello, I want to thank for RANJAKA tea. I have had troubles with iron shortage in my blood. In addition, I am a vegetarian. Any pills containing iron did not work. The tea not only helped me, but also I did not suffer from any side effects.

Regards, A. Lažová

Hello, about one year ago I damaged my arm by overstraining sinews, which resulted in swelling, fingers immobility, sinews and joint tissues inflammation. After using Slesaka tea for a few days the finger swelling was gone!!!

MUDr. Klimentová

I bought a tea for sleep and it is really great. It really works….chrrrrr… :))

Hello, I discovered your amazing teas. I did the dosha test and it came out that I am pitta type and so I bought your Pitta tea ..thank you.

L. H.

VIDANGA helped me not only to lose weight, it cleansed my body and helped me look sound and beautiful. I have already tried ASHWAGANDHA, KANTAKARI, SHATAWARI and I can say it works. I am 48 years old and I feel better than before.

Alena, Nova Dubnice

Recently I came across Himalayan ayurvedic herbal teas and tried some of them (Pitta, Bhringaraj, Jaiphal) and I am very happy with them. I am much calmer, my shoulder ligament got stronger, my toes` verrucas is vanishing..

Tomáš Votruba

For a long time I suffered from intestine spasms accompanied by a loud belly rumbling. I attended a traditional medicine doctor`s office, where I was recommended Guduchi tea. After one month of using the trouble almost disappeared.


I want to join this positive reactions to your teas. One year ago daughter and I fell sick with urinary tract inflammation. Then I remembered your herbal teas, so I bought your tea for cleansing the urinary tract and I immediately felt relief.


Good morning, I want to join those who have tried Vidanga tea, I am really happy with this tea, it helped me to reduce my weight and I really feel better. :o) So I recommend, it really works.

H. Verešová

Hello, ASWAGANDHA tea really helped me with my sleep problems. I can hardly remember such a long and uninterrupted sleep. Thanks.


I am very happy with the tea. I could discontinue the use of pills for calming my nerves and I feel more contented and relaxed. I am gonna keep buying it and I recommend it to all.

I drink APANA tea and after years of irregular menstruation my cycle eventually settled down. Amazing.


Hello, I have been drinking VATA tea for more than a week. It really tastes well and calms me down. Thanks.

Dalchini tea helped me through the first days of spring pollen seasson. After one week of drinking the tea, three times a day, I was able to walk my dog and run with him through a meadow in bloom!

Marta K.

Hello, I have been using your tea for a long time and I think they really help me with all possible troubles :) Thank you and I wish you a nice day.

Sabina Spurná

Hello. I am very happy with your teas. I have tried several of them and all of them were super. Thanks

L. Hrabálková

Hello, after drinking your teas, my friend got rid of a polyp in large intestine, doctor could not believe it. I also heard of improving iron levels in blood, dissapearing of myoms...

Regards, Adriana

I know your products. I have just bought your cold tea and high blood pressure tea. They taste great and I want to keep using and buying them. It is really pure nature.

Michael Dytrt

A year ago my blood pressure got high. My English and Slovak pills made my blood pressure unstable. After one week drinking this tea I put my pills away. I am O.K. Thank you all!


Being an allergic, I have been using several modern medicines with very little results. After a regular using Dalchini tea my allergy was gone after a month, no sneezing, eyes itchiness etc.

R. Frank